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How to Improve Car Resale Value

A pre-owned Honda CR-V in front of a house.

If you’re trying to sell a car in Tempe, you have probably learned that cars depreciate usually by 50% at the 3-year mark. Everyone who owns a car has this issue, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t proactive measures you can take to assure the best trade-in value. Tempe Honda is among the Gilbert car dealerships that buy used cars, and our finance center has tips for selling a car below!

Tips for Selling a Car to a Dealership: Maintenance

Once you take a brand new vehicle out on the Gilbert highway, it begins to depreciate. For those asking, “for how much can I sell my used car?”, here’s a concerning how to increase your trade-in value:

  • Maintenance Schedule: The good news is that your manufacturer gives every vehicle a maintenance schedule with clear instructions on what to inspect by mileage and month-to-month.
  • Tire Care: Your tires and wheels see a lot of action. Regularly inspect your tires for pressure and tread depth. And clean your wheels – that’s how to improve your car resale value!
  • Document, Document, Document: Experts at a dedicated service center will meticulously log any upgrades and changes to your vehicle, good and bad. For every dent, you repair (and you should be fixing those dents), you should do the same.

How to Increase Car Trade-In Value: Good Habits

Good driving is a holistic solution – it keeps you safe on Chandler roads and helps your vehicle retain value. Here’s how:

  • Mileage: Car dealerships that buy used cars look at your mileage, and expect some depreciation if you exceed the DOT average of 13,500 miles per year
  • Safe Driving: Driving safely is not just about avoiding collisions. Having a lead foot on the brakes and accelerator wears down your gear and makes it lose value.
  • Climate: If you can, make sure to find sheltered parking for your car. Extreme cold and heat can hurt your car’s paint coat and its engine.
  • Cleanliness: Cosmetics are a factor in valuing a trade-in, so keep that exterior shiny and regularly vacuum your interior. Next to godliness, it’s one of the best ways to maximize your trade-in value.

Get More Tips for Selling Your Car to a Dealership with Tempe Honda

If you’re a Tempe or Mesa resident and asking yourself, “where can I sell my used car?”, talk to the folks at Tempe Honda. Among the car dealerships that buy used cars, we offer ways to value your trade online so you can take advantage of our specials. Please contact us for more tips on selling your car to a dealership!

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