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Premier Protection Products

Taking care of your Honda will not only ensure it always looks its best on Gilbert and Chandler roads but also maintain the quality of your model and retain better resale value. No matter if you’re behind the wheel of a popular sedan like the Accord or Civic, sporty crossover like the CR-V or Pilot, or any other Honda model, you want the best car interior/exterior protection so that smoke, dirt, rust, ultraviolet rays, animal droppings, and more don’t damage your vehicle. Tempe Honda breaks down some of the best Honda Premier protection products available and utilized by our expert service team so that your vehicle will always turn heads no matter where the road takes you.

Car Interior Protection

When it comes to taking care of your inside cabin, one of the best car interior protectant solutions used by our maintenance center is the patent-pending Diamond Ceramic Exterior Protection and All-In-One Interior Protection. This solution is designed to thoroughly clean and adhere to all interior surfaces including leather seating found in many popular Honda models as well as your stylish interior console and accents. We recommend spraying a light layer on your car seats or interior and then you can wipe down any excess with a dry microfiber towel and your interior will be good as new.

Car Exterior Protection

Whether you’re traveling through heavy rain and snow or tough debris or gravelly areas, your Honda can take a lot of damage on the outside and thus requires proper car paint protection. Using Diamond Ceramic solutions, once again ensure the original gloss of your vehicle along with protection that eliminates the elements from clinging on to your vehicle’s exterior causing more damage. Along with your paint job, your windshield can take quite a bit of damage when cracks and chips start to appear in the micropores of your windshield. The best water repellent coating for car windshield is going to be the Hydrophobic Windshield application used by our team that fills in those pores to restore your window and provide ideal visibility no matter the conditions.

Take Care of Your Honda the Right Way at Tempe Honda

After taking a look at car paint, car windshield, and car interior protection, make your way over to Tempe Honda where you can find even more helpful tips and tricks on taking care of your Honda sedan, SUV, truck, or van, like how to sanitize your Honda. Our certified maintenance and parts technicians offer quality service and discounts to help you save on the essential work and repairs your vehicle needs to operate at its best. Contact us to schedule your next service appointment at our dealership near Mesa and Phoenix!

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