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What is Forward Collision Warning?

A new Honda Accord with forward collision warning.

Part of the Honda Sensing suite of safety features, Forward Collision Warning uses sophisticated sensors to alert a driver about an incoming collision. If you’re a Tempe looking for a new Honda vehicle, you may have heard about this incredibly helpful feature. Tempe Honda has a guide to all that goes into FCW below!

How Do Major Forward Collision Warning Features Work?

So, how does FCW work, and what can it warn you about? Gilbert drivers can decrease their chances of serious problems with this technology feature.

  • Drivers rear-ending others is a common problem everywhere, so manufacturers are interested in preventing this undesirable scenario.
  • FCW detects other vehicles as well as smaller objects like motorcycles and bikes.
  • The high-tech scanners work 20 times per second and scan up to 200 feet ahead of your Honda vehicle.
  • Unlike your eyes, Forward Collision Warning works just as effectively in the nighttime as well as daytime.

How Does FCW Work?

If you’re about to get into a forward collision on your Chandler commute, the FCW system sends you an alert with up to 5 seconds of reaction time. The system warns you in multiple mediums, including:

  • Noise: your speaker system will tell you through noises if the sensors pick up something.
  • Vibration and Quick Brake Pulsing: You’ll physically feel the difference on that FCW makes on Mesa roads through these warning features
  • Visual Aid: In case you’re confused, your dash will tell you that there’s something ahead!

Those are the ins-and-outs to the question, “What is forward collision warning?” When you choose FCW, you can prevent collisions that are costly and damaging! Always contact a service center at a dealership for good deals on car repairs and more.

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